Oh What Fun!

Oh what fun!

Oh what fun!

Last night we finally got to enjoy our first of the season 50 Point Happy Hour.

A few of us regulars had got together for a Happy Hour when we were way further south over the winter and decided that our regular weekly get-to-gether format was just plain “old”. So to shake it up a bit we moved it to a more central location in the park, and way closer to the amenities like a fire pit and an always-handy washroom. We made a special point of including new campers in the park.

It was certainly worth the effort. We were joined by about two dozen cheerful souls, had a great time and followed up with an amazing pot-luck. We even had some help from the weather man who gave us a warm sunny t-shirt and sandals kind of afternoon. After a tasty treat we sat around the fire and solved most, if not all, of the world’s many problems.  I betting that as a result,  you too have noticed that the world is a better place today.

That’s one advantage of inviting the AmazingVanstones to your next happy hour. Our happy hour attendance record over the past 8 years of full-timing is almost 100%!

Thanks for the read. I know that  I’ve ignored you, but I have excuses, honest. Do you want to hear them?  I thought not.

An alcoholic is someone you don’t like who drinks as much as you do.” –Dylan Thomas

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