Now we really love Vonage

vonage.jpg See the smile on her face? Yes, part of it is because she has a glass of good red wine nearby, but there really is more. She is making her first offical phone call from our new wifi laptop. The secret is the little orange thing attached to the computer. Look between the wine and the laptop. See it? Works like this: we are Vonage customers and have been for quite awhile. For about $40 per month we have all the phone services plus unlimited long distance anywhere in Canada and the US. Now with Vonage “V Phone” (the little orange thing) we can place calls from anywhere in Canada and the US to anywhere in Canada and the US, all for the same $40. So two things you’ll know the next time you drive through a Flying J, rest area or other wifi zone: When you see a red head sitting in the motorhome co-pilot seat sipping a red wine and talking to her computer you’ll have met Marilyn and number two, you know she’s really talking on her new phone.But watch out, she could be calling you next.

If you like red wine and think Vonage would work for you, leave us a comment or send us an email. We’ll help you out. We don’t work for them but we do love’em their support is amaxing. And they give their customers a free month for each referral. We promise to reinvest our savings from referring you in a good red wine. Fair? This is even fairer: Vonage us from your new phone, we’ll all share the wine. How’s that eh?

No, we’re still not counting; 6 (yes, only six) more sleeps til we hit the road.