Now We Are “Home”

We are back in site 11 at 50 Point Conservation Area. I’m standing on the outer edge of our lot, as you can see, it’s a big chunk of land, we have space. What all that room is for I’m not sure, but it’s nice to have for a change.Man does it feel good to be home! It also feels warm. Not Mazatlan warm, that’s for sure but there is real heat in that sun.The plants are ready to pop into spring colors.

 It will be fun to once again watch the process as spring turns into summer, turns into fall. Fortunately we will be unable to see that fourth season, I forget what it’s called, because by then we will be working our way back to our second Summer.

Which is when this story starts: When RV couple move on down the road we all have a process. I have my blue Jobs, Marilyn her pink ones. One of her pink ones is she looks around to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Last October the dogs and I did the final inpection before we headed off to pick Mar up at work. We missed our door mat. Twenty miles down the road I remembered but I wasn’t about to turn back. Look what was waiting for us.

 “Wipe Your Paws”

It’s Official!

Remember the Friendly Giant? Remember what he used to say?

“Look up, look way up!”

Look up to the address bar on the top of your computer screen. We are now the So now you can go to any computer with an internet connection and in the tool bar, with your best and fastest finger or your slowest, no matter, peck  in and there we will be. Or go to the same bookmark you’ve been using all along, we are still there….we’re kinda like a bad smell.

3 thoughts on “Now We Are “Home”

  1. Happy Birthday Larry, travelling with you two was a lot of fun.

    we will contact you soon.

    We will be back on TO on the 3rd if all goes well

    best wishes and hugs to both of you

    Bob and Marjorie

  2. Happy birthday Larry and best wishes for many more…how about 30! Kathie is at Beaudry in Tucson getting a stuck slide unstuck. They should be on their way today toward Dallas. Easter on the beach yesterday was very busy and lots to clean up this morning, we expect the same today! So glad you recovered your door mat, that is amazing. It is Deb’s birthday on Tuesday so we will have to organize something special.
    Hope you have an outstanding season at Sicard and good luck with the sale of your townhouse. See you at 50 Points in May,

    John and Deb

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