Now That's Convenience!

We were in Mega, a large Mexican grocery chain, the other day, Mar is shopping for groceries, I’m checking out the shelves and shelves of booze. Look what I discover:

From Pictures in the Blog

Is that neat or what? White rum already mixed with Cola. I can hardly calculate the hours that would save me every day. I think I should buy one and give it a try but then I realize the last thing we need around here is more cola. But then I think that I owe it to you. I need to report to you on all these neat things we see. So, just for you I bought one ( I know how thrifty you are). Had I been doing it for myself I would have got a six pack, I mean they look so handy and convenient.

I invited over our good friend Rose to help with the taste test, in the interest of science I think she would probably try anything at least once. We tried it, it is good. So now it’s good and convenient.

They also have one that’s tequila and something. In the interest of science we will try that next.