Now That Was A Party!

The weather was perfect. The venue was perfect.  The whole evening was, you guessed it, perfect.

The newlyweds  are enjoying their honeymoon in Quebec City, we are back at 50 Point serious about catching up on sleep and getting our lives back to normal.

We were way too busy having fun to take many pictures ourselves.

I will continue to post pictures as I get them to this album (Click Here)  called Pam & James’ Wedding.



4 thoughts on “Now That Was A Party!

  1. gorgeous wedding !!! You all looked stunning…wow you clean up nice Larry :)…glad it all went off without a hitch…will be watching for more pictures of the big event…Marilyn you and your daughter are beautiful…her dress was out of this onto getting some rest you two..!!!!

  2. Lots of “MAZAL TOV” (Good Luck in Hebrew) .
    The joke says “it is tough for the first 20 years and after that you get used to it.
    We wish the couple many happy years together.

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