Now That Feels Better



My goal for today was to go back to work and work it til noon.

When  I left shortly after twelve noon I was tired, but boy did it ever feel good to get back at it. I’ll lengthen the day out a bit tomorrow and the rest of the week and see if I can put in close to a full day Saturday.

For those interested; in spite of the gas prices (aren’t they getting silly?) and the weather we are all enjoying, things look just fine up there at Sicard’s. Lot’s of sold signs, lot’s of new stuff coming in, lot’s going out. Looks like another just fine summer coming up.

Now, without breaking anything, I just need to get ready for it. Wish me luck




2 thoughts on “Now That Feels Better

  1. You are a hopeless pessimist Larry and that is how we should all be,because what is the alternative? sit down and wine about the gas prices,the global warming, OR enjoy every minute we have on this planet…I am with you and wishing you all the luck.

  2. Hang in there…one day at a time. Healing takes time, despite all your pre surgery prep your body still needs time to recover. You are doing great!!

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