Nothing Could Be Finer Than An Afternoon In Shiner


Downtown Shiner

Downtown Shiner

First of all we need to thank Lone Star Rv Resort in Austin for not having room for us last night. We left Rockport yesterday morning, heading for Austin but when we checked with Lone Star they had no room until today. I’ve always wanted to touch down in Shiner (yes, there’s a brewery there)  and it was only an hour or so out our way so  let’s do it. We found a gorgeous municipal park in Shiner and had our choice of spots, we were the only ones there.

We have the whole park to ourselves

We have the park to ourselves

This town is friendly, the first person we met was the chief of police who apologized for not stopping when he saw us setting up in the RV park. He apologized because he hadn’t stopped to welcome us to Shiner and answer any questions we might have. My only question was: We’re here to do the brewery tour and then stop at a couple of your most famous beer joints. How do you feel about impaired driving in this friendly town?  

But I kept my mouth shut and instead asked him where the city hall was. We needed to register for our RV site.



First things first, we caught the 1:30 tour at the hundred and something year old Spoetzl Brewery and coincidentally got to sample their fine beers. Than we were off to Howard’s, a combination gas station,  convenience and ammunition store that also sells take out draft beer and, in case you want to set awhile, has a  beer garden out back.

After a prowl of the town’s only main street we  rounded the corner to visit Antiques, Art And Beer where you can choose from art, antiques, as well as 155 different brands of beer (plus draft on tap) and more than 190 different wines.

Question: which piece is Art? Which is Antique?

Question: which piece is Art? Which is Antique?

Needless to say we enjoying tea and bottled water today. And that’s all I’ve got to say today. Its your turn now and our comment section is ready to go with your thoughts.

Next we tackle Austin and until then, be safe my friends and as always

Thankyou for the read. 

4 thoughts on “Nothing Could Be Finer Than An Afternoon In Shiner

  1. The “Chief of Police” might become a better friend if you refer to him as “Sheriff”, or “Deputy” – its a US thing…
    BTW – Be sure to ask around for the specials on a Texas 7 course meal – 6-Pack of Lone Star and sun dried armadillo! Or better yet hunt down a Chili cookoff, as I am sure there will be some close by.

  2. The Shiner sign that is suffering from “lead poisoning” reminds me of the Texas roadside overnight we spent with you a few years back. Kinda makes our travels in Mexico feel not so dangerous…..

    travel safely

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