Nothing But Blue Skies

ice on Lake Ontario shore

Lake Ontario’s answer to a glacier

The last time we spoke I was whining because it was so foggy, so dark, so drizzily.


Well today is a different day.

The sky is blue with big puffy clouds, the grass is shining up through the snow and the trees and bushes along the Weller Canal are acting like it’s spring.

Those silly plants! It’s supposed to get cold and snowy with the occasional blizzard later today, so this little shot of WOW will be gone really soon.

And so, we are left with some great sunshine and blue sky shots that I would like to share:

big clouds on blue sky

Storm coming, springs over!


Here’s a shot of the Weller canal. The Ice is all melted.

big fluffy clouds over the Welland Canal

did I mention the big puffy clouds?


I think I’m being followed.

Marilyn hiking along the trail

Marilyn guarding our rear flank

clouds over Beer Baty

What a difference a week makes. Last week  Beer Bay was all ice


Here’s a link to my last post about the abandoned barn.

“On a positive note, I haven’t seen any mosquitos in months”

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