Nobody Home?

Two large sister alligators live in this pool

We’re friendly folk Marilyn and I, we’ve been here at Jonathan Dickinson State Park since last Friday and we’ve met a lot of the people around here. Of course we’ve met our neighbors (the folks next door to us summer near Barrie, less than 100 miles away from us) and some of the staff and a bunch of the volunteer hosts who all keep this place going. But there’s a couple that we haven’t met yet.
In the pool you see above live two large alligators who just happen to be sisters. Apparently they’ve been there for the last few years, courting their male folk, raising their families, doing all the things that lady alligators do here in central Florida.
So, every morning the friendly and amazing Vanstones climb on our bicycles and pedal all our puffy parts out a couple of miles to see if the ladies are home. So far without success but you know we’ll keep trying.

Paved bike trail, one way out to visit the sisters

It’s a great ride, everything is so green and tropical. All the plants and animals are very different from what you would see in southern Ontario.
And the people you meet! In RV parks we usually meet people from all over North America. In state, provincial or Federal parks they are  from all over the world.
Johnathan Dickinson has had some bad luck over the past few years. They were touched by two hurricanes and then followed that up with a forest fire. Some areas are just fine but large areas of the park are considered “grow” areas

nature recovers from 2 hurricanes and a forest fire.

And finally, here’s a news item that may have missed your attention:

All the toilets in New York’s police stations have been stolen. The police have nothing to go on.