No Where In Particular

You’ve seen the cactus before but never with a Praying Mantis on top. We had a less than welcome visitor yesterday morning. First he (or she) was on the inside of the windshield, then moved to the cactus before I helped him back out the door.

They live on bugs and vegatation so there was no danger unless of course you are a bug, which, most days,  I’m not. But of course you don’t know that when you first see it. When your wife is speaking in a high, very loud voice, it’s get rid of it first, then Google it, not the other way around.

I see this gal all over the village, always with her basket on her head. I have yet to figure out what she’s selling. I’ve never been able to actually talk to her. Maybe after a few more Spanish classes I can do it.

Meet the village butcher. We are hosting a hamburgesa dinner on Wednesday and thought we would get a jump on making up the meat  today. We ordered 2 kilo’s of hamburger, here we are at the beginning of the process. He chopped off a couple of kilos, then with the help of his assistant fed it through his old decrepit grinder.

After we left the butcher shop with our meat we stopped at the peanut vendor and picked up a big bag of roasted nuts for 10 pesos. Then as we walked around the corner we saw her back up inventory. I wonder how many bags are in that pile?

You know for sure this is another  famous Mazatlan sunset, right? And the end of another gorgeous day here on the Isla.

And now you understand the title of this post; because this blog went absolutely nowhere in particular.

Thanks for the read.

3 thoughts on “No Where In Particular

  1. Hi Larry, we have enjoyed following your blog as well as Contessa’s and largely as a result of your enthusiasm toward Tres Amigos, we have decided to come down there right after Christmas in Calgary. We joined some time ago and have learned a lot since we got our new 5th wheel in the spring. I also enjoy your references to Niagara as I grew up in St. Catharines. Couple of questions; are there any self-serve laundry facilites (we like to do our own) and what does your electricity run you approx? Do you need your AC? Also, do you recommend reservations esp. for the ocean front rows? Thanks, Dave

  2. Thanks for the kind words Dave. I look forward to meeting you two. Some of us have washer/dryers in our RV’s, some use one of the two laundry services here on the island. However as I understand it you need to get into Mazatlan to find a laundromat. We haven’t recieved an electrical bill here yet this year, but it was reasonable last year. I would ask that question of the park manager Warren (3amigosrvpark at We haven’t run our air yet. Been close a couple of times though. Usually you need to wait your turn to get ocean front but that’s another one for Warren.
    See you when you get here. I’ll have a cool one waiting for you. Larry

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