No Lift Off This Night

As of yesterday morning we had done our time at Flagler Beach, it was time to move on to new adventures. So move we did. We drove as slow as possible, we tried to make it last, but it wound up being a less than 20 minute drive from Bulow RV Park to Sunshine RV Park 11 miles down the road.

Now if you look way down in a deep dark corner of my bucket list you will see an item written by a much younger man, a boy in fact (anyone remember Sputnik?) about watching a rocket blast off. In Ormond Beach we are not much more than an hour from Cape Canaveral.
From our neighbors we learn that we are close enough to see a rocket take flight and that there is to be a launch last evening.

Marilyn and I, at the ready with phone in hand

At 5:30 my sweetie and I are outside the park, with a clear view of the south-eastern sky and we are ready for the estimated 5:37 launch time. I think back to my amazement when listening to  my very first 6 transistor radio as we watch the live video feed on my smart phone. Even though we are an hour away, on my phone’s screen we can see the steam rolling out of the huge  rocket engines. We watch the seconds click until launch but at T minus 6:11 the countdown stops. They have a problem.
They find and fix that issue, restart the countdown at t minus 13:00 only to stop again. The mission is scrubbed. There will be no lift off this night.
The next anticipated suitable launch time is Thursday starting at 5:38 EST.

I remember listening on my transistor (we didn’t have tv) to those first few launches. In my mind the launch was happening way around the world at a place that I expected I would probably never even see.

Looks like it’s true. From here, we can go anywhere.

“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.” -G K Chesterton


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