No Kidding

What you are looking at here is the new playpen for the long expected arrival. Do you see a baby in there? We didn’t either. Nor did  we see one in the crib, the bassinet, the car seat or the stroller. We did however see a couple of anxious future parents. Jason seems to be taking the delay rather well compared to  Elizabeth. She  looks like she’s waited more than “long enough”.

Elizabeth’s parents flew in from Alberta on April 1st to be here for the birth and help out for the first few days. At this point they fly back to Alberta in about 3 more days. For us it was extra good to come back to the peace and quiet of 50 Point late this afternoon.

Speaking of 50 Point, guess who’s here. You would be 100% correct if you said “Hey that’s Roy & Kathy’s motorhome.” I’m thinking he’s looking pretty good, inspite of the daily trips to the hospital for treatments. We’re all pulling for you Roy.

2 thoughts on “No Kidding

  1. All these pictures really make me miss 50 Pt. Glad to see Roy is back home and doing ok. We’ll be there for happy hour as soon as the weather permits.

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