No Fixed Address

We are in the coach, have been since Thursday night. First night was at the lovely Camp Sicard also known as “behind the service department of Sicard Holiday Campers”. Friday we moved on to Fifty Point (yes, we love this place) for at least week, maybe the summer. This morning we found Wifi down at the Marina, that’s where we are now. This is certainly Marilyn’s favorite place, probably near Cedar Keys, I’m just happy to be in the coach. This morning it’s a coffee and a muffin while I write, who knows, tomorrow it could be a cold beer on the patio while I blog. I think I might like this spot.

We are having a few issues, nothing too serious, all will be great stories when they near history, but not yet. I can tell you our Blackwater tank appears to be plugged. We can put all we want down the toilet, only get a teeny bit of moisture out the drain. Kind of a “shitty situation” you might say. Certainly another story to add to the pile (that was a completle coincident). It would make sense, the previous owners had not used the motorhome for over a year (they were in a car accident) so it’s quite possible we are carrying a full load of dried #2. Our monitor pnel says we are 3/4 full, so if that’s right we should have a day or 2 to solve that issue. Then I will have a new topic for RVQuestions.  I’m beginning to think my life is nothing more than a story. A very good story from my point fo view, bu a story none the less.

This afternoon we are off to Toronto to the Fringe Festival. Jason and Elizabeth are performing, so are we. Marilyn and I will playing the parts of the proud parents in the front row, applauding wildly.

While I was gone (where was I anyway?) my Sitemeter counted visitor 1,000. I just want to say thankyou for reading, If you stick with me I promise regular and interesting reports as we begin our new adventure.

My next projuect to day is to quite litterally “Raise A Little Shit

Thanks for being here.