No Complaints

In southern Ontario, spring has finally sprung . While people all around us are dealing with floods, storms and other assorted disasters we are enjoying spring.

After an April when there were only two day without rain, we are now into a May where every day so far, and all we can see in the forecast are grand.

We followed spring up through northern Mexico and lost it, then found it again in the southern US only to lose it  in Tennesee. this time I want to make sure that I catch every amazing minute of my favorite time of year.

I’d stay and tell you more but if I did I might miss the singing of a bird or the bursting of a flower.

2 thoughts on “No Complaints

  1. NO complains…what do you mean??? that is bad..we always find something to complain about other wise we have to talk about grand kids and they are ALWAYS Perfect.

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