No Babies


No we didn’t have babies but we do have additions in the Vanstone domain. Mar and I have been talking about doing some prints of her original paintings for a long while, finally yesterday we got started. We need a shopping trip to a center bigger than Okeechobee to do it up right,hopefully we can get that all together this week.

Once we get the print thing going we will have good quality affordable art sized specifically for all our RVing friends. Extra wall space is tough to find in an RV right?

I’ll keep you up to date.


On a long bike ride yesterday, we had an unscheduled stopped. You won’t recognize this spot but Marilyn sure does.  From here she can view the scene that inspired her latest painting-in-progress. She first saw this spot on a boat ride down the canal you see in this picture, so while the perspective is really different, she knows what she’s looking for. Just a stop to make sure she has it all in the right perspective and we were off down the dike some more.

Her process is simple; she spies something that excites her, studies it and snaps some pictures. Then, later, if she is still inspired she prints a couple of the pictures and gets to work.

“I don’t paint how it looks, I paint how it feels.”  Robert Wade


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  1. your picture sure doesn’t do that painting justice…I say that because I was lucky enough to see it in person!!! You have such a talent Mar!!

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