Niagara Falls’ Winter Festival Of Lights

As you and I have discussed, Marilyn, Angel and I try to get out most days to hike an area, usually  we  try to do this walk in a new and different area so we can explore and discover what’ around us. It also comes in extremely handy when I sit down to capture your attention with an interesting tale.

Fortunately for us, the Niagara Peninsula is full  of interesting areas that require our undivided attention for a bit. Just a couple of weeks ago, while discussing where were headed that day, Marilyn reminded me we hadn’t visited Niagara Fall’s Dufferin Island in a few years.

niagara falls

The Canadian side of Niagara Fall.

Off we go. The place is busy, there are crews every where, working like all of Santa’s little helpers; they’re stringing lights, running cords, cleaning the grounds  and setting up displays, the place is a regular beehive of activity.

Turns out it is only a day or two before the official start of the 35th annual Winter Festival Of Lights

Also turns out, that’s a pretty big deal:  Twice the “WFOL” as it’s locally known has won “Best in Class” in Ontario festivals and events and it’s listed in the Top 100 Internationally Known Events. These honors were proclaimed by none other than the American Bus Association, and let’s face it. If you can’t trust your bus driver….I hate to even think what that could possible mean.

When I saw the sign saying I thought they’d signed on a new radio station in Buffalo or somewhere, but no.

So, a couple of nights later we did the drive back down the Niagara Parkway, through the “Falls” (that’s what the locals say) until we get to the island.

We were blown away! We highly recommend  that if you’re anywhere near this area between now and the end of January you take it in. Not only will you see the Niagara Festival of Lights, covering 8 kilometers (that’s 5 miles), but you will see both  the American and Canadian  falls all lit up, but wait, there’s more: On the weekends and everyday over the week of Christmas there is a large fireworks display.

I promise that if you come to visit the Vanstones anytime in the next couple of months, a night time visit to WFOL will be mandatory. consider yourself warned!

“Life’s a journey, not a race.”


Here’s just a small gallery of images, all taken on Dufferin Island:


With more than 100 displays and over 2,000,000 lights, in Niagara falls the Winter Festival Of Lights is a celebration that you will talk about for years



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