New Shoes

It’s been at least a year since Marilyn and I have been for a run and I have the belly to prove it.

My son Darren and his wife Sherry run a bit and have been raving about their new Nike Free running shoes. I’ve been thinking for months I need to do something and maybe these new shoes would be the ticket to get me back at it. So a couple of weeks ago, in a true reversal of roles, Darren took me out to help me buy me a new  pair of shoes.

So if I have new shoes, then it’s only fair that Marilyn has new shoes. Yesterday morning, both proudly wearing our new skins, Mar & I headed out on a sort of run around the park. It felt good, we both enjoyed it and for our first trip out in over a year, we both did pretty good. Now we just have to get in the habit of doing it again and again.

Gotta Run

7 thoughts on “New Shoes

  1. Ok, you guys have to make up your minds….run or should I say jog to your next destination ..or drive!!! Are you going to be like our finance minister who appears with new shoes at budget announcement….or are you going to commit (no bull####) to jog to look real good with your new home??? A challenge !!!! Oh Yeah, by the way, Pat and I do not accept “mirror” challenges cause we can’t afford the Nikes that you just bought!!!
    Actually , I’m jealous….those boots look great!!! Can we share? Better idea, you do the miles and transfer some to me…I’ll pay (a few pesos)

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