New Shoes

New Shoes

Last week came the good news that I was 12 months cancer free  and we were very  happy.

Then we note that the cancer may be gone but in its place we have grown bellies.

So, we have the chat: We should ixNay the ellybay (we talk in pig latin so we don’t alarm the dogs). We need to get back into shape.

We go to the Nike Store and buy shoes.

Monday we run. Just 3 or 4 kilometers but we do run.

Popular wisdom says that you give your body a break by alternating the muscle groups, so you run one day, bike or something the next. You know; kind of like Ale one day, Lager the next. Or Red one day, White the next.

But no, we throw wisdom to the wind and we run on day 2. Now on day 3 we (especially me) whine and complain. My legs hurt. Today we wear walking shoes.

Tomorrow we run.

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