Our new Cell Phone Provider

wind-boxing-day[1]Remember when Marilyn got a new smart phone for her birthday last November?

She bought her S3 Samsung at T-Mobile with the understanding that after 3 months they would unlock the phone . That was perfect for us because while it was a great deal on the phone, T-Mobile certainly wouldn’t work for us in Canada.

Over the winter Mare did her homework so as soon as we got back  we headed off to the local Wind store with her now unlocked phone.

She got a great deal! For $40 per month she gets unlimited calling in Canada, unlimited international texts and picture texts plus free data. But that’s not all, it only gets better:

When we head back across the border next fall for an extra $15 per  month will add a roaming to her package to cover all calls, texts and data so she will have the same phone number in both the US and Canada. That’s important to her because that means the kids don’t pay long distance to call her no matter where we are.

Wind will not work for everyone! They offer good coverage in the Canada’s major population centers but as soon as you get outside their area you are roaming at .20 cents a minute(the signal here at 50 Point is amazing, but according to their map she would be roaming at Sicard RV, just a few miles away). But we still have my Telus phone, and it works almost everywhere in Canada and the US so we will still always have phone and data coverage. When in the US she roams on T-Mobile and AT&T, exactly the program she had this winter with T-Mobile.

Did you see the new Perfect Pocket?

I’m no fashion expert but it looks to me that this one is the perfect colors for spring and summer. Have a look, tell me what you think.

“Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else’s.” -Joe Bob Briggs

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  1. Did Wind tell you what towers they will be using in the States? Just wondered as TMobile is adequate in the Eastern US but it can be spotty in the Western US. Thanks for sharing Mar as today I once again updated everyone on my new telephone number for “this summer”. It really gets to be a pain and we will look forward to learning how it goes this winter once you head for the US.

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