Necessary Renovations

Marilyn and I were sitting outside chatting, as we like to do, yesterday about our son Jason and his family coming out for a Saturday evening in the country. Marilyn looks over at all the years of bruises, bangs and scars on my forehead from banging into slides all the time and suggests, that since grandson Aiden has grown a bunch we should  cover the corners of our slides. As I try to recall just how many times I’ve banged my head (remember, I work around RV’s and slides and have still not learned to watch out for them), I agree, we need to get some noodles and renovate before he gets here.
Marilyn gets back from the dollar store and we install our “protection.”
I’m hoping that they’re so colorful maybe they will even help me because I bang my noggin pretty regularly.

It's hard to believe he's only 4

It’s hard to believe he’s only 4

We ‘re Proud. We got it covered!

We’ve got the cover covered.  This story started back in January when we received an email from the editor of RvWest Magazine saying they’d been reading our story and wanted to share it with their readers. “Would we do an interview with them?”

I guess we’re not as shy as we pretend because we immediately said “You Bet!”

A couple of weeks later we got a call one morning from Kristin in Cranbrook, BC as we sat in our coach in Gulf Shores Alabama. We yakked it up for a half hour or so and finished our conversation with us promising to email some appropriate picture for their article.  When they see the picture of our coach parked at the base of the Superstition Mountains near Apache Junction, Arizona they want a “high-resolution” copy so they can do a cover story. “No can do” we say. I dumb our pictures down a bunch so they travel even on less than perfect internet, we often encounter.

By the time we get to Magnolia Mississippi they really want a new picture high-res picture so they can do a cover. I dig out my Canon, turn it up and we figure out how to email them to Cranbrook.

Last Thursday in both our snail mail and our email we see the results of our efforts. We love it!

In case you are one of the two people in the wide world that I didn’t email a copy to and you haven’t seen it, here is the June issue of RvWest Magazine

I now do autographs every afternoon at about 4. Just drop by with a bottle or two of your favorite cold beverage and maybe a pen and after we have consumed the beverages I’ll sign the beer label  for you. Then you can sign the other one for me and we’ll each have a treasure.

“The idea that no one is perfect is a view most commonly held by people with no grandchildren.”-Doug Larson

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  1. Gotta love pink!!!!! Aiden looks so protected in that photo good stuff Gram and Grampa.

  2. Hey you guys alright. Are you parked in 50 Point? We are heading down there for 5 days, Sept. 22 to 27th. Site 64, where are you? We must get together this year.

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