My New Sleeping Buddy



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My New sleeping Buddy

Marilyn and I have been sleeping together for almost 38 years {OK, I can not lie. She might have snuck in once or twice before we wed. But don’t tell anyone OK?} and during that time we’ve had a few sleeping buddies hanging with us at night. First of all it was our kids, on and off, for their first few years. The years went by until 2001 when we got Buster. He found his permanent place between one of our legs at the bottom of the bed. A few years after that along came Angel. she too, found her spot, slammed up against one or the other of us.

So for the last few years, no matter whether we’re at home or in Putt-Putt, there’s always room for 3 in our bed and no matter where we are, she gets most of the room.

Last fall, a good friend of ours was telling us about his newly discovered problem with Sleep Apnea.

Mare and I, especially Mare,  knew I snored a lot, in fact because of the racket I produced I often slept alone. It was on our “To Do” list to look after for a few years, but when Dale told us about how he used to wake up to breathe and Mare said I did that too we saw the doctor to check it out.

Turns out I was waking an average of 46 times an hour to find some oxygen. So I never was actually falling into a deep sleep.

Severe sleep apnea suffers wake up to 130 time per hour (that’s more than twice a minute).

So, early in June I got my new sleeping buddy.

No More Snoring!

Where I used to get up to visit the boy’s room  a least a half-dozen times a night now I’m up usually once, maybe twice.  When I awaken for the day, I feel well rested. and no matter when I wake up Marilyn  is  always purring away beside me. My memory seems to be getting a bit better and they tell me “I ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Meet CPAP, my new sleeping buddy:

CPAP machine makes our night time great.


My goodness, where does the time go? I almost missed my commercial break

When I want to carry something I usually reach for a box, a pallet, a wheel barrow or a bag (or a sack if I’m south of the 49th). I beg forgiveness but I didn’t know you could also use a purse, a perfect pocket a clutch or most important of all a “Tote.”

For all of us uneducated folks this a very fashionable tote:

Marilyn’s latest creation


This sucker can pack your phone, your tablet, your purse, a box lunch for the whole family, a six pack and probably still has enough room left over for a three litre box of Black Box wine. And as an added bonus, provided you’re licensed to carry, there’s even a special pocket or two to pack your pistol (s).

Don’t believe me? check it out for yourself at

I leave you with a gracious thank you for the read and as a special bonus, some gently lapping Lake Ontario waves.

“I really should be doing something productive with my life;…….

Ahhh, Maybe tomorrow!




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  1. I didn’t know your middle name was Thomas George. Welcome to Instagram. Let me know if I can help.

  2. CPAP machines are modern miracles, and it’s funny most people don’t even know that their snoring isn’t just annoying noise they make and they actually have a serious disease. I’m glad you took the step to fix your problem!

  3. Hi Christina. I’m certainly glad I did. I’m certainly sleeping better, and so is my wife. She tells me that instead of a loud roar she now hears silence.

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