My Golden Years

How’s that old joke go? You know the one, the joke about the Golden Years. The punch line is something about body fluids. Now, all these many years later, I get it. I mean I really get it! Every time I look at my two newest fashion accessories I’m reminded of it. Every conversation with friends or neighbors suddenly involves plumbing and a discussion about at least part of the golden part.

I’m finding out all sorts of things about guys I’ve thought I’ve known well for years.

I’m looking forward to my appointment on Tuesday next when I move on to the other fashion accessories you see in the photo above.

Enough whining though, the reality is everyday I feel better, every day I walk further and every day I do more. I am on the mend. And I am absolutely blown away by all the visits, emails, phone calls, comments and kind thoughts that continue to pour in. I am loved! I thank you all for that.

When I was laying in my hospital bed on Monday evening I promised myself that if I was a good boy and looked after myself for the rest of the week, come the weekend I would get a beer.

I am writing this mid-day Friday. Can the weekend be far away?Yes Daniel; I’ll be thinking about you.

I’ve been good, honest.

Hey Guys: Have you had your PSA checked lately?



One thought on “My Golden Years

  1. Thank you for your thoughts, have a beer on me,smile ,be strong and continue with your life as it was before the operation.
    I am having a check up just before we leave for our 10th RV summer trip in May.

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