My First Snowflake

My First Snowflake

by Larry Vanstone

It’s not my first snowflake ever we’re talking about here. But it is my first snowflake this December. Remember, with much anticipation, we’re staying home this year after many years of missing all our little snowflake friends.Marilyn saw the snowflake too. We were sitting at our counter, gazing out the window and we watched as this little snowflake floated down, carried by a light breeze to and fro, finally landing on our barbecue cover. It was all by itself, looking so lovely, looking so lonely, that I grabbed my camera and sprinted out the door to capture  our first flake. There I am in my pj’s, bare feet and all, snapping a photo of a single solitary snowflake.

single snowflake on fabric

Is this a cute little snowflake or what?


And it’s a good thing I got it when I did. A couple of minutes later it was nothing but a wee puddle.

And then it hit me. That’s the story of life:

Think about it; After much anticipation we are born and the world rejoices. We begin to grow under the watchful eyes of loving parents (and grand parents) and are the topic of many proud conversations. We complete our education, excel at our career and then it’s all downhill from there. Finally we become reduced to a wee puddle. Often it”s even worse than that; Before we become a puddle, we begin to leave little puddles.

I don’t actually experience this last issue myself,  at least not yet anyway, but I do watch TV and I do see the giant boxes of absorbent (now with New Maximum Super PLUS absorbency) underpants being sold at Costco every time we shop there. While researching this topic I have discovered that they now offer an ointment that deals with the a condition called Adult Underwear Rash, (google cavilon) a fact I find extremely comforting. Except that the product, manufactured by 3M, who are  huge in the abrasives business.

I’m tempted to move to a discussion about another product they sell at Costco. This one, called Squatty Potty, but that would only  preface a discussion of traveling to the far east and  China and how Marilyn was freaked and would go all day without …..

girl on squattypotty

And you thought I was kidding!


When I sat down at the keyboard this morning  I was quite sure this conversation about a snowflake was going to discuss my grade 2 or 3 Christmas concert where I had a minor singing role in the choir, but I guess that’s going to be another day.

One last comment on the potty: I just wanted to say that the young model looks quite pleased with her buy. However, some one should tell her, she forgot to remove her pants. Or maybe she already wears super absorbent underwear and uses Cavilon. That’s all well and good but now I wonder “has she ever seen a snowflake?”

“I love to talk about nothing. It’s the only thing I know anything about.” Oscar Wilde


4 thoughts on “My First Snowflake

  1. Hi Larry,

    I look forward to and read all of your posts. Today’s was particularly interesting and humorous. Keep the coming!

  2. We need to get with the times George. They say the real squatting potties are the natural way we all should be using. The only place we found toilets in China were in the 5 star hotels. I’m not there yet either but I am ready to admit that there other ways “to go”

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