My Favorite Shovel

We have had this shovel since the early 1980’s. Back then it was our best tool for chipping the ice off our driveway during the winter,and in the summer it was handy in the garden. It dug fence post holes and worked on laying our patio. When we made the move from Alberta to BC, this guy made the journey with us. When we went full timing in 2001 this one made the cut and came to Mexico in our motorhome.

To Grimsby and a sticks and bricks home, still the same old shovel. When we sold our townhouse and moved back into a Casa Rodante it was “OK Shovel, let’s go.” For the last couple of years it’s home has been in the back of my truck. And then, after all those years we had trauma. When my truck came back with it’s new paint there was no shovel.

Talk about a family crisis!

Yesterday we were reunited. Our shovel returned to the Isla and it’s rightful place in the back of the truck. If only it could talk it would tell you about all the work it’s done and the places it’s been. It’s gardened in Edmonton Alberta, Chilliwack and Langley BC, Grimsby Ontario. It dug the motorhome out of the mud in Cerro Azul and out of the sand in the Baja, the Yucatan and the beaches of Mazatlan. It’s helped us and helped us help lot’s of others out of jams all over Americano Norte. Here on Stone Island it’s even helped dig the hole for the Pig Roast a couple of times.

Yes, I gave it a litle hug

I think I’ll call this picture Dry As A Bone. I was thinking yesterday that other than a few days of morning in the fog, the last time we saw precipitation was late last October when we were in Edmonton visiting Mike, Tracy and the kids. Remeber the pictures of snow?

Since then not one flake of snow nor drop of rain. According to my favorite fingers that makes it 4 months and counting.

Here”s another dry number for you. On Valentines day, Marilyn and I decided that our Valentine’s day gift to each other we would be a dry day. That’s not news, we do that on occasion. the news is that now, 8 days later we are still enjoying dry days. Since February 13, we have not had a drop of alcohol. None, Nada, Cerro! We just decided that with our upcoming run and my  surgery it only made sense to park it down” for a few days with the booze. We really don’t know where we’re going to go with this, but we are sure we are feeling better and it’s gotta to be helping the calory intake, no to mention the budget.

Don’t fret though, when I went to rescue my shovel yesterday I stopped at a beer store and bought a few “just in case you come over for a cool one” They’re in the beer fridge ready for you.

We were out for a walk on the beach with the dogs yesterday, watching the Pelicans out fishing. (don’t they look better with their feathers on?).

That picture pretty much sums up our life these days: We are truly “free as a bird.” And these days you can add to that “Dry as a bone.”

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  1. We have a friend that collects OLD TOOLS ,his house is full of them and each one has a story.
    We all get attached sometimes to an object…at least you do not have to feed it…

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