My Artistic Wife

Marilyn has now sold 2 of her paintings and even more importantly is now regularily accepted by those who view her work as a talented artist. When we hear something about ourselves enough times we begin to believe it. She has made that transition. She too now believes she is a talented artist. She is outside right now, working on her latest.

We were out at the Mazatlan Airport on Friday, awaiting the arrival of our daughter Pam when Mar recognized Charlie and Rhonda heading for a plane to Edmonton. They were carrying a carefully wrapped package that just happen to contain one of Marilyn’s paintings, now framed.

I think everybody looks pretty happy with that transaction!

Our daughter arrived from Toronto, right on time and once we had the hugs under control, thanks to 4 wheel drive, we were soon sharing a cool Sol, with lime of course, at our very own tailgate party on the beach.

Continuing down the beach we arrived at Tres Amigos RV Park only to find a group of well lubricated senors and senoritas enjoying  an impromptu party and dance at water’s edge.

I’m beginning to understand why they call this place Stoned Island