Mutiny On The Camelot

For the first time in more than three weeks Marilyn and I are alone. From the time we arrived in Quartzite, until yesterday morning we have been with  friends every day. I’m not complaining, we are having a ball but our relationship has always thrived on time for us. We work best when we have adequate just us time.

We celebrated our new-found freedom with a much-needed afternoon snooze. For Marilyn the snooze was followed by laying on the couch reading her book. For me, after ours, the dogs and I stayed on the bed and listened to NPR radio, followed by an hour or so of playing solitaire.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere the mutiny began. Marilyn sprang up from the couch, grabbed the meat that she had defrosted on tossed it back in the fridge. With a determined look in her eyes she announced to the world “I’m not cooking!” and sat back down. Buster barked in surprise. In ten years he has never seen such emotion. Angel yelped in shock. I quickly weighed my options.

What were we to do?

Fortunately we had heard some great reviews from friends about a Yuma restaurant called  Asian Star  so off we went.

One trip to the Asian Star and our local insurrection was over. For the formal signing of the peace treaty we chose the Fried Banana on the right. All talk of civil disobedience completely disappeared.
After that the only complaints to be heard was a whimpering “Oh, no, I ate too much”


6 thoughts on “Mutiny On The Camelot

  1. I hear you Larry …although we love company and lots of it we also love ‘our time’ has been said..”wow you had quite a party last night and didn’t invite us”-but alas it was just one of our fun parties for two:)….happy hour, followed by supper and dancing..all in the MH on our own. :)…so enjoy!!!! we can sure relate:) nice looking supper

  2. Elaine; Mar and I think those are the BEST parties. George; did yours have Scallops, prawns, chicken and beef in it? You guys gotta go there the next time you’re in Yuma. You would love it. The food is absolutely amazing! Asian Star.

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