Mucho Gracias Senors Y Senoritas

We just got back from a 6 km run on the Malecon, and when we checked Amazing Vanstones team pledge results for the Harry Rose Spring Run Off, we saw we are already over $500. Not Bad! Thankyou very much, or as they say in Mexico, Mucho Gracias!

So once again let us thank Anne, Steve, Tom & Lois, Brent & Donna, Jann, Donna, Barb & Don, Bob & Bonnie and last but certainly not least, anonymus.

With all that help, no wonder it was a good run.

Is today the day you send in your pledge? Here’s the link in case you need it. Our team name is Amazing Vanstones and all 6 of us are listed there. Please pledge to who ever you choose.