Mr Vanstone meets Mr Banks

Yesterday afternoon Sonny and Linda, Marilyn and I went to see Saving Mr Banks.

While the Kingsbury’s go to movies often, the Vanstones only talk about going occasionally but then even rarely do. We know it’s been years since we have been in a theater but really have no idea how many.
We both really enjoyed the movie. Mar loves anything Tom Hanks and we both love Disney so it was almost guaranteed to be a winner and in our books at least, it was.
The seating was extremely comfortable in the  new theater and the sound was amazing. But here’s the thing: The price of admission for 2 seniors was $14.50

“Before we find our seats we should get some popcorn”.

The large popcorn and pop we shared was $13.75.

We’ve had fun with the Kingsbury’s

The bad news: Later this morning we say “see you later” to our friends. The good news: we all know it’s not “good-bye” because that’s the way this amazing lifestyle works.  We will meet again, that’s for sure. We not sure “when”, but we are sure it will happen.

From Panama to Pensacola

We are excited to move 84 miles down highway US 98 to our next park Pensacola Beach RV Resort. We’ve heard some great things about this place, but the real excitement is that we are going to be slides out, jacks down for almost 2 months. In her mind, Marilyn has already figured out where she will place each of her special treasures that only come out when we sit for a while.

One last look at Pine Glen Motorcoach and RV Park. Panama City Beach

“It always is harder to be left behind than to be the one to go…”-Brock Thoene

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the movie as it is on my list to see soon. As to those prices we have been paying $10.00 for 2 seniors at the movies here in Texas. Got to love those prices. Do you think they will ever catch on in Canada?

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