Moving Slow..e..r a..n..d …


November 26, Costa Esmerelda

Yesterday we walked in the surf, finished cleaning up the coach, fixed a few things that needed attention but mostly just sat. And then we would sit. Our neighbors seem to have the same disease. It seems to be a big deal to drive to a grocery store. Too bad they don’t deliver. Speaking of, there are things you can’t buy in the village of Casitas. One is Gin, there is none anywhere, but even more important there is no fresh milk. You can buy beer on every corner, even more beer than pop or water. But no milk. Breakfast cereal is going to taste different tomorrow.

Way back in western Louisiana we began to notice lots of older small trucks pulling older small trucks, little Toyotas and such, all seeming to head for the Mexican border. Now that we are traveling down Mexico 180 there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of vehicles pulling vehicles, all heading south. There are older big trucks with smaller cars and trucks inside, pulling trucks with the boxes full of old refrigerators, ladders, what ever inside them. There are trucks pulling buses, buses pulling trucks, and others pulling cars, the variety is endless. Remember, we are talking close to 100 of these combos each day and that’s just what we see. Apparently they are all headed for Central America.You look at these vehicles and question that they have any value at all. In Canada some of these vehicles would sell for a couple of hundred dollars, and that’s after you fix them up. What do they sell for after they have been driven thousands of miles across a half dozen countries?

It’s kinda relaxing here under the coconut palms listening to the surf. I have to stop now, my fingers are tired. I think I’ll just sit for a while.