More Blue Skies

It was almost a year ago that I told you I had just found out I had prostrate cancer. Last fall we headed off to Mexico knowing that we were taking an unwelcome guest with us but when we came home in the spring it would leave us forever.

And that’s exactly what happened.

As you will recall, I had the operation on  April 4 and was told a couple of days later that they felt they had got all the cancerous cells. At my 3 month checkup they told me my PSA level was “negligible”.  Yesterday I got the 6 month results and they are, once again, negligible. Nice word. Tough for me to spell, but feels good to say it.

Just an aside, if you look back at my posts from last fall. the words prostrate and cancer are both capitalized, but look at them now.

Now to the point of this post.

This is a “blue sky” story only because on a pretty regular basis, I have had my prostrate checked and because of that my doctors discovered the problem while it was still a small one, and because of that it was dealt with.

It’s kind of a combination of good luck and good management. And you can have them both working for you too. If you, like me, are getting a teeny bit older every day, then maybe you too have to start looking after yourself.

Think of a PSA test on your body like getting the oil changed on your car.

Just call it Preventive Maintenance.





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