Mighty Fine Week

bird on a picnic table

OK birds. You know the rules: Pigeons on top, Ducks on the bottom


It’s been a couple of weeks since my “blood pressure event” and I am certainly feeling better. I’m stronger, my stamina is coming back, I can walk, I can talk. even my brain seems to be making a return to its former confused and extremely short attention span  self.

I’m going to put the last few days down as a Mighty Fine week!

Well, you think to yourself, “if he’s that high on his week there must have some news.” And right you are. Early in the week I visited my GP for us to go over my hospital visit. He listened, he nodded, he smiled, he frowned ( mostly smiled), He adjusted my blood pressure meds a bit. I was telling him I snore at night,  am always tired, have no energy, wake up a lot at night and that Mare had caught me not breathing for a bit, than waking myself as I reacted to my severe lack of oxygen. No smile now, Now we get action. As he grabs his notepad he tells me I’m going to a sleep-over with a cute nurse or two because it sounds like I have Sleep Apnea which means I probably need a CPAP machine. With that device I will not snore, I will sleep all night and awake well rested with lots of energy. Sounds like a great outcome right?

That was Tuesday. Thursday I had an appointment with our optometrist. It’s been a couple of years since I got new glasses so it’s probably time. We go through all the tests and I’m confused: As he completes my exam he talks about new luxury cars.

Oh, sorry, I am confused. He didn’t say Cadillac. He said cataracts.

Easy fix though he says. They just snip a little slot in your eyes (excuse me while I freak) and in about 15 minutes ( the time it takes to climb in my eye, smash my lens and pull it out with their Hoover vacuum cleaner and then put in a new lens, all while I’m fully conscious and awake) I put on my sunglasses and say good bye.

And the bonus is that after the operation I may not need glasses.


Pidgeons feeding on lawn

Who let the Birds out?



Wow! I’m a very lucky guy. In just one short week I find out I’m going to feel better, may have my energy level restored to that of an 18-year-old and won’t be bothered by my glasses every time I go to see something.

And the icing on the cake is: Marilyn bought me an early birthday present. I am the proud owner of a really fun 360 camera. More on the camera later. First, I have a lot to learn.

a panoroma of trees with snow

If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving definitely isn’t for you”

You sure are a good reader! You deserve a STAR.

8 thoughts on “Mighty Fine Week

  1. Isn’t this getting old thing fun??? Good for you to see the ‘funny??’ side of things!

  2. Sheila, we have an older and wiser friend who insists that the only thing golden about our “golden years” is our pee. She’s probably right.

  3. As always Larry, very amusing and entertaining! I have to have the sleep apnea test done in May when we get back from the sunny south. Jeez, there was frost on the truck this morning!

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