Mexican Paperwork

This one is for our fellow Mexican travelers. Whether you are entering the country, applying for a phone, or visiting the electric company, getting the paperwork done while in Mexico can be a truly frustrating, time consuming experience.
Thanks to Garth, he knew I would love this one and I bet you will too.

One thought on “Mexican Paperwork

  1. We were stationed in Italy for 4 years and over there bureaucracy is an art…Official offices are open from 10AM till 11AM then they go for a siesta (In Italy it means -mistress…) afternoon they maybe see one or 2 people ,but you have to bring the paper,then the stamps and then wait…A lot of fun..
    I bought a car and got a piece of paper from a note book written by hand to prove ownership… and after 4 years I sold it with the same piece of paper…As I said a lot of fun,easy going system.

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