Memphis, the Beautiful

We loved the Brooks Museum

We loved the Brooks Museum

We’ve driven around and through Memphis a few times in the past and had always considered it another ugly city to, if possible, be avoided.

Yesterday morning we head out to do Art. Not just any old Art, mind you, we’re looking for something different and classy. Since it opens first, we choose the Brooks Art Museum, in the Evergreen Historic District of the city.

We get within a dozen blocks and we’re blown away by all the beautiful big period houses lining the wide well  treed streets. We get so wrapped  up in our house gazing it probably takes us an extra half hour to arrive at the Brooks.

The receptionist’s advice is to “start at the bottom and work your way up”. That’s pretty much been the mantra of our lives and it’s worked pretty good for us so far, so we head to the basement. The museum is featuring a large display of works by Salvador Dali. I’ve never  paid a lot of attention to his stuff, I’ve always considered it not my thing. So after studying the pieces  carefully for an hour or so I’m happy to report that I was right. 

Salvador Dali’s work was not done with Larry Vanstone in mind!

I saw a lot of really good art there though. I would recommend the visit to anyone who enjoys a bit of class in their life once in a while.

Now here's some craftmanship and style I can understand

Now here’s some craftmanship and style I can understand.

We move on to looking at old homes and classy neighborhoods and with no difficulty at all get ourselves lost. When finally we realize our predicament we are parked in front of a new Pizza restaurant called “Lost Pizza: Great Food and Cold Beer”. This can not be a coincidence. We catch a table in the sun on the patio and enjoy amazing food and some great local brews.

Back at the Graceland RV Park, we walk our dogs and gather in the sun for a relaxing happy hour.  We are busy discussing our day and catch a couple trying to sneak by, without stopping for a chat. Bob tricks John into settling in for a chat when he offers him a beer, leaving Rita with no choice but to find a chair and have a glass of wine.

Turns out John and Rita are parked right next to us and are also from Ontario, so we have lots to chat about. As is usual in these conversations, sooner or later, we figure out we all know some of the same people. By the time the conversation wears down it’s well past 7, and certainly too late to cook.

IMAG2835 One of the Memphis traditions, certainly for RVers is being Limo’d just up the road to Marlowes Restaurant (one of Elvis’s favorites) for a good feed of barbecue. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already seen what Mar and I shared for dinner last night


“I am not strange. I am just not normal.” -Salvador Dali

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