Membership Camping: The first 66 days

This fall, to save money on camping, we bought a one  week membership camping package  in the Coast to Coast system.
I promised a comparison:

We spent a couple more weeks in 50 Point before we traveled this year but out of the last 75 or so nights we have  camped Coast to Coast for 66 nights (the rest we were at  WalMart). Where the parks retail rate was from $40 to $60 per night, we were paying from $10 up to $33 per night depending on the park.

Comparing last year to this year, October 1 to December 31, our rv park rental expenses have decreased from 2705.81 in 2012 to 1624.31 in 2013. By my math, we have saved over $1000.00. Included in the 2013 rental cost is $306  for buying the membership and $99 our first year’s dues.

It would be easy to build a case for amortizing that $306 over however many years we continue to camp and of course that would sweeten the numbers a bit more.

You can’t credit Coast to Coast with all of $1081 savings, there’s more to it than that but, I would think they certainly get credit  for at least half of it.

Are we happy with our first taste of membership camping? Yes.

Are we happy with Coast to Coast? Yes.

We wonder if we are getting a little tired of moving every week, so we’ve talked about adding another week to our membership.  That might make it all more flexible. Or, it might not. With Coast to Coast the rules change when you stay in one of their associated parks for longer than 1 week.

We are blocked out of almost all Florida Coast to Coast parks from now until next April so we step out of the system and we are off for a 2 month stay at Pensacola Beach RV Resort, but we will certainly be back in the CTC system  after Mardi Gras (where we will be paying ((ouch)) $200 per night).

Want to learn more about membership camping?  We bought our membership here. Tell him the Amazing Vanstones sent you.  Kevin treated us right.

How do you read the Amazing Vanstones was the question a week ago.

And the interesting answer is:

  • 60% Computer
  • 20% Tablet/E reader
  • 20% Smartphone

The tablet and smart phone users are split evenly between Apple and Android.

Thank you for your participation. I appreciate it.

“99 percent of all statistics only tell 49 percent of the story.” -Ron DeLegge II


3 thoughts on “Membership Camping: The first 66 days

  1. Glad you enjoyed you CTC savings. As you know we have been doing that for over a dozen years. Sometimes we do 2 weeks, but we have other membership programs that allow us more options.
    Enjoy Mardi Gras and National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola (thats free).

  2. “99 percent of all statistics only tell 49 percent of the story.” That made me laugh and remember hearing that “86% of all statistics are made up – including this one.”

    Happy for you that you’re saving money and enjoying your membership camping. Everett and I are definitely the “sit and stay” types vs. the “move every week or two” types. We found our lovely central Florida hideaway through friends and get a 10% discount over their monthly rate by paying 3 months in advance. This brings our nightly cost down to $9.75 for 50amp w/e/s in an uncrowded wooded CG with river frontage. We then do day trips to the tourist sites we want to visit AND have found part-time jobs in the area to keep us from dipping into our savings. Swamp Yankees, that’s us!

  3. Those types of programs are great as long as you use them and are willing to keep moving parks. Glad it is working for you. It didn’t for us and we poured over 8 thousand in the toilet. But we are happy doing what we do in Mexico.

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