Discount Membership Camping: Our first Experience


Because we full-time and summer in a very expensive park our major cost after food is RV parks.

We like to eat, so that’s not about to change but the question is, “is there something we can do about parks?”
We decide we are going to try the discount membership camping thing. Now, you can pull in to a membership park anywhere in North America and pay thousands of dollars for a membership with all sorts of benefits, but we wanted something that mainly works for us on the road and we just want to try it out so we started at a website called RVParkStore,com.

Like everything else these days, our $199 park membership wound up costing us $405 including our first years dues and something else. We are told that next year it will be dues only and they are frozen at $99. Perhaps there will be more about that next year.

We book a month’s worth at reservations at various Coast to Coast membership parks down the east coast (with our Classic membership we can stay up to 7 days in any of over 200 parks in the system and I think we can do that twice a year) and head out to our first membership experience.

The deal is, you make your reservation through their  C2C system (I’m already picking up the slang) and then cover the taxes and the “resort fee” when you check in.

We arrive at Indian Cove RV Resort near Virginia Beach. In our house checking is a “pink job so while Marilyn heads off to the office the dogs and I have a pee, sniff the surroundings and then find something (anything really) to bark at.

She comes back smiling. First impressions are good. The resort fees and taxes add up to about $35 so if we can forget the original $405 we just paid $70 for the original booking) plus $35 equals $105 for 7 nights camping.

OK, Lets go see what we paid for

I think it’s fair to say we lucked out on this one. As you can see, our first park is amazing! The place is clean, the people we meet are all friendly, and as we walk around the park, we both agree. It’s all good.
We’ll come back and visit this topic as our winter progresses. It’s looking like this won’t get us into the prime areas at the prime times ( we are probably going to have to forget southern Florida in January to March) but we already know we love moving around a bunch and for the first month we sit a week, move a few hours, then sit another week. We know we like that pace.

We now have about 6 days to poke around the area and see the sites before we move 110 miles down the highway to our next membership RV park. We’ve already mapped out the local beaches, and our favorite stores including Total Wine, Trader Joes and Costco.

Stick around, the next week could be fun! Perhaps the tough part will be figuring out what to do with all the money we save. Maybe that could be tomorrow’s topic.

“When he worked, he really worked. But when he played, he really PLAYED.” Dr Seuss

5 thoughts on “Discount Membership Camping: Our first Experience

  1. Hi Brian. Our Shaw is working just fine. Our Moto-Sat dish is being a little cranky but that’s another issue.

  2. We’ve been C2C members since 1998. Most places are good. Some are a little tired. A few are really spectacular. Our home park in WA state is very nice, with good management. So far we are happy with the program. Campground coverage is a little sparse in certain parts of the country, and quite dense in others – just an observation.
    Good to see Larry finally got with the program! Must be learning from Marilyn.

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