Meet Murphy

You probably already have. He’s the guy that’s famous for all those Murphy’s Laws. You know; If anything can go wrong it will and all those other gems.

Yesterday I ask you to comment, today I realize that “Comments” aren’t  working. I’m getting them and can see them in the back of the blog but they are not making it to the front, the part of the blog you see.

No big deal, we’ll get it sorted out so keep those comments coming.

Here’s another one for you: Sex is hereditary. If your parents never had it, chances are you won’t either.

Thanks for your patience.


4 thoughts on “Meet Murphy

  1. Lookin great and congrats on your results “CANCER FREE” what a wonderful result… keep in touch!!!

  2. Great news, Larry! As Marjorie said, you had a great team behind you, with prayers and wishes for good health, from many people. Health, the number one priority in our lives now, and how thankful we are each day for that.
    We are planning to go to the open house this weekend, probably on a Sunday, but will not likely see you.
    Keep looking after yourself, as you have been, and thank the good Lord, all is well with the world.
    Don and Barb

  3. Hey Barb. welcome back!! Great weather today. I won’t be there Sunday but hope to be back in another week or so.

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