Meet Charlotte

Look closely at the picture: See the spider’s web attached to the mirror? I think you can see it better in the reflection of the mirror in the window. This is the work of Charlotte.

Charlotte and I have been friends now for at least the last month. In fact, we are actually closer than friends, she has moved in with the rest of us Vanstones except rather than living in the coach,  she has chosen to live inside the driver’s side mirror on our truck. Good thing; had she chosen to live in the coach I probably would have had decide who would go and who would stay.

Would it be Charlotte or would it be Marilyn?

Neither of them have ever discussed it and I really think that Charlotte wouldn’t care but I’ll bet Marilyn would share a word or two on the subject.
Every night, while we slumber Charlotte constructs a web from the mirror over to the window, and every morning, while she slumbers I have knocked her web down so that I can open my driver’s side window on my way to work.
Way back when she first moved in to her new digs (before we really got close)  I foolishly was a little upset that I had a spider living on board and not even offering to pay rent. Back in those days I  retaliated. I used to spray water in behind the mirror and even tried to spray Raid back there to get her to move on.We are past all that now and both much happier for it. Now I greet her each morning as I head off to work (with her in the mirror) and while she never says much,  she always winks back. Some days she even offers to share her bugs with me. Mostly I decline but I noticed the other day she was on her iPhone checking out recipes to make chocolate coated bugs so the next time she offers I may have to rethink that.

I’ve never told anyone that I have a Spider for a friend, I was concerned that people would think I was a bit weird. Lately though I have been paying a little more attention some of my special people friends and believe me, comparative-ly speaking, without naming names here, she’s not that weird.

I guess I just better get used to the web on my truck. And for your part, if you are coming up to me on the left side of my truck, please stay out of the web.


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  1. Want to trade Charlotte for the wasp nest we have behind the driver’s mirror on the motorhome? I might even pay you to take the trade:))

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