Me and My 3942 BFF’s

For years my wish list began with a good quality digital SLR camera. I would search them on the internet, I would stop and look in the stores. I would watch photographers set up their tripods and carefully select the perfect lens before snapping what was sure to be a historic shot.

Finally, two or three years ago,  we were in tax-free Alberta and I bought my dream camera, a Canon T3 Rebel. For the first few months I carried it with me everywhere, and spent hours learning about my new toy.  But as time wore on I realized one very important thing about my dream camera. Compared to my smart phone, which is always fits my pocket, my Canon is big and heavy. There is now way it will ever fit in a pocket.The Canon produces a better picture but really not that much better.

I reard once that the best camera to use for any shot is the one that’s handy.

I enjoyed the course on writing that I took on the internet last fall so much that now I, along with 3943 other students (can you imagine 4,000 of us from all over the world fitting into our coach for our weekly lesson?), am now enjoying a free course of photography.  This course goes for 4 weeks and takes 2 to 4 hours per week and I’m sure it will help me with both camera.

So yesterday when Marilyn and I went for a picnic at Fort Pickens National Seashore I took my camera and all my gear and Marilyn took her sketch pad. Yes, my trusty HTC was in my pocket, but I left it there.

It was a little fresh with a stiff wind coming in off the Gulf Coast so Marilyn didn’t get to sketch but,I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s always good to get out and get some fresh air.

“There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.” -Abraham Lincoln