Mazatlan Says Adios


Over the last couple of years the Vanstones have  fallen in love with Mazatlan and after our day today we think the feelings are mutual, Mazatlan loves the Vanstones too.

Like every other Saturday in 2011,  we began our day walking up to the top of El Faro. Part way up we passed this religious group who (sometimes my Spanish isn’t too good) I’m sure were praying for our safe travels back to Ontario. I sincerely thanked them for their thoughts as we, for the last time this trip, continued to the summit.

After a great breakfast in our favorite part of town, we headed back to the Isla where we were greeted by this group called Banda Verde. They were on the beach on the Isla to say Adios and while they were there they were filming a commercial.

On to the motorhome to finish packing (it takes days to pack up after you’ve been sitting for 3 months), and before we knew it, here it is Happy Hour.

There are us and 4 other rigs leaving tomorrow morning, so there had to be 40 people there to wish us adios and safe travels (are we seeing a pattern here?).

You’re going to have to trust me on this one because I could not catch them in a photo, but while we were enjoying this amazing happy hour a large pod of Dolphins swam by and did a few special jumps for us.

As the sun dropped into the Pacific even El Faro winked us a fond hasta luego. (See the lighthouse light on the top of the hill?).

And so, before moving north  tomorrow morning,  we spend our last night in Tres Amigo’s RV Park . It’s been an amazing winter, we have had a great time. Beginning about now, we will miss you all.

Adios Amigas y Amigos, Hasta Luego to you all.

My thanks for Banda Verde for taking us out of here.

4 thoughts on “Mazatlan Says Adios

  1. Safe travels, Tres Amigo’s will not be the same without you!
    Who will lead the way to El Faro? Hope to see Marilyn’s show in May 2011 in Thorold.

  2. You are too kind! The truth is Mike or Peggy will get you to the top of that mountain anytime you are ready.

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