Matrimonial Cake

Date farm

Way back, when the earth was green and I was just a little gaffer (yes, I was once) my mother used to bake. And one of her favorite deserts to bake and hence one of my favorite desserts to eat was matrimonial cake. Over the years I seem to have forgotten how good I thought those squares really were but since we have been in the American south west dates and I  have re-connected with dates. My first reunion with that delicious fruit was at the Farmers Market in Temecula back in December. They were almost as good as my first kiss ( Not my very first kiss. I mean my first kiss from Marilyn). Since then, while out shopping for “Two Buck Chuck” we picked some up at a Trader Joes but on Sunday while out for a drive(you could say Marilyn and I were out on a date), we stopped at a Date farm near Bard California. We stopped for a date shake gut before we left we bought some more dates the fruit kind. They too are delicious. Now when you open our fridge it  appears we are starting a  date collection, so much so that Marilyn’s comment yesterday was that we should bake something to use a few up. This ties in with me thinking that I should get back to doing some cooking again. I really did used to enjoy it. So I googled “date squares” and up came Matrimonial cake. I passed on that because we didn’t have the oatmeal and looked like a lot of work, so I  moved on to date muffins, those ingredients we have and it really looks easier.

Date Palms plantation

Instead of doing either we went with Sonny and Linda for an afternoon drive  in the country.This morning I’m thinking; how boring are date muffins going to be?

So that’s it; I’m taking a stand out here in the sand. Nothing will stop me from my goal. Come hell or high water, I will bake that Matrimonial cake and I will do it well. That’s the least I can do. You gotta know  Mom would have done it for me.

Just as an aside, while preparing to post this story I googled “dates”. Guess what came up first? Would you believe “E Harmony’, the dating service. Obviously when I discovered dating as in girls I too forgot all about dates as in the fruit of the Phoenix dactylifera. Another perfect example of man’s age old conflict between the big and small brains.

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