Marilyn’s “Perfect” Pocket

IMAG1904 For her recent 60th birthday Marilyn got a smart phone. Now for us guys we would go “thanks, that’s cool! Look at all the neat stuff it does”, then we would drop it in our pocket so we could take it with us and play with it when we wanted.

Not so for Marilyn thou, it seems she has no pocket big enough.

So how does she make sure she doesn’t drop it?

Obviously the answer is she needs a new purse so off she goes shopping. After weeks of looking she decides the perfect purse doesn’t exist so she should make her own. First she designs it. She measures her phone, her credit cards, etc and keeps careful notes (on her smart phone of course; you know there’s an app for that)

IMAG1903After a trip to a fabric store the sewing machine comes out and she whips up her “perfect pocket”. Now where ever she goes she carries her perfect pocket on her shoulder and it carries her well protected phone, credit cards, her driver’s license, some cash and of course her lip gloss and other most important things.

She’s on to something; where ever she wears it,  ladies stop her and ask her where she bought it. Her plans call for more “perfect pockets”,  in different fabrics and colors, maybe even some different styles. You know, a perfect pocket for every outfit!

I dropped my smart phone

While she was designing her fix for a potential problem, I dropped mine. I’ve dropped it a few times over the years and have never had a problem but this  time, in spite of it being well protected, I guess it hit the floor at exactly the wrong angle and broke the screen.

Those of you who have a smart phone will agree; they quickly become more than a phone.

They become your whole life!

Mine is my camera, my note pad, my source for news, books, appointments, contacts, directions,shopping lists, my flashlight and so much more. Oh yeah, that’s right; it’s my phone.

We found a company called  Happy Tunez in Orange City, and he did a great job. It took about 10 days to order the screen and then get it back together all for less than a hundred dollars and I’m sure glad its back.

If there were camera phones back in the day, the biggest athletes in the world would have had a lot of explaining to do.-Kobe Bryant


5 thoughts on “Marilyn’s “Perfect” Pocket

  1. Dropping your phone seems to be the death knell more often than not. They just have to make those screens a little stronger.
    When they hit the concrete and bits fly off in different directions? Never a good thing.
    A ‘tether’ would be an idea? Right? Bungee cord?
    OK, maybe that’s overkill.
    But I’d happily “tie off” my phone, if it meant never having to worry about dropping it. And my phone ain’t even that bright, let alone “smart”.

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