Marilyn’s Mazatlan Art Show

Some people get all the luck! What a gorgeous setting for an art show!

Marilyn had requests to do a show here on the Isla before we leave Mazatlan and Robin & Peggy graciously offered their patio. Bob & Marjorie dove in and helped with the set up, we added some vino, some queso (cheese) and crackers and we were in business. For the next few hours Marilyn talked “artist’s talk” with all who came by and absolutely loved every minute of it.

All this is to prepare for a couple of shows when we get back to Southern Ontario.

When you look at the works she is displaying here you see scenes from Canada, the south west USA and Mexico. 

All the pictures I took have sand and ocean, but this one has horses. See them?

Would you care for one of her cards?

Stay tuned to me or Marilyn for dates and locations in Canada.

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  1. Are you suggesting that the Mexican mail is anything but on time Senor? You’ll get your chance at 50 Point or maybe late May in Thorold.

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