Marilyn Finds A Conch


We are walking our babies down the beach near St Augustine yesterday when Marilyn spies a conch shell. Now finding a conch is not a big deal, but finding one that’s not broken, now that’s special. And special this one is!

The last time we looked for conch shells was 5 winters ago on our trip down the east coast of Mexico to the Caribbean and as I recall we were not all that successful. Once again we found lots of shells, but very few were unbroken.

There’s something else in this picture and that’s the beach. Miles and miles of beach on a beautiful sunny day. As we walk this beach we are surprised by large areas covered by all types of shells but all broken. And then, 20 feet further down the beach none, back to sand. Strange! Apparently this is a product of Hurricane Sandy. In this area it completely changed the  shape and composition of the beach.

Moving On

After three days in St Augustine its time to move on once again. Today we motor about one hundred miles south-east to Bushnell Fl. And I’ll tell you why tomorrow. For today, let me just say that we need to buy some apples.

Once again, Thankyou for the read.

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