Mardi Gras

From our site in the French Quarter RV Resort is only five or six block walk to Bourbon Street. As soon as you step through the park gate you can feel the electricity.

Parking is $10 and there’s not an empty parking spot for miles.  There are people everywhere.

We pass a group of very large women all in extremely small costumes. How do they do that I wonder. As we get closer to Bourbon I notice the streets are wet. “It must have rained here” I think”.

Turns out it’s just beer, from here on in, the streets are awash in the beer and littered with thousands of unwanted strings of beads.


Our plan is to walk to Canal Street to catch the Bacchus Krewe parade. This place is a such people watcher’s paradise it’s almost impossible to stay focused. We slowly move down the street with a few thousand of our new closest friends and as they day goes on, we only get closer

My goal was to catch pictures of the costumes, masks and floats but I quickly realize that there are too many people, too much going on. Most shots I do get a blurred, I decide it’s best I just enjoy the show.

After we all catch a bite to eat the rest of our crew head back to the RV park but Marilyn and I push on. By now we are armpit to armpit with our now close friends. The crowd noise is so loud we communicate by lip reading with hand signals There are small rivers of beer in the streets and we are constantly tripping over piles of discarded beads. Our minds are absolutely overloaded with all that we have seen and heard.

This morning, laying in bed, Mar and I discuss our adventure. We decide that so far, we know we having fun, but we are just confused by it all.

I leave you with a few more shots of Mardi Gras 2014.

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  1. Well good luck. I’m afraid wading into a crowd like that is a non starter for me. I’d probably feel less claustrophobic crawling down a mine shaft.
    But hey, whatever floats yer boat.
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