Mar grooms dogs on Solar

Mar grooming Dogs

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to try out on new 120 amp solar panel. We arrive Saturday night with full batteries, can we make it to Tuesday with out plugging in to power or starting the generator. This is new ground for us, we know about boondocking but have always had to start the engine or the generator to recharge the batteries. Can we carry on normal RV life without having to do that? Over the 3 days we made numerous pots of coffee, microwaved a few times, watched TV, listened to one or both of our stereos, ran our Fantastic Fan each night and Monday morning Mar groomed both dogs with her 110v electric clippers.
How did he batteries do? Just fine. More batteries and a second panel would probably allow us to be less frugal but we now know that as long as we are careful with our electrical use we can dry camp successfully using only free solar power. In about 7 more weeks we will use this knowledge almost daily.