Man Meets Goose

It was a blue sky sunny kind of afternoon, perfect for some great shots, on New Years Day so I hopped in our limo and headed off to the Falls, with my smart phone, AKA camera, in my pocket. First creature I met (yes, Niagara Falls has a many creatures) was this Canada goose. He introduced himself as Gandhi (I think his real name was Gander) I told him I was Larry (he thought my real name was Lawrence). So, we get talking. He tells me he retired to Niagara Falls a couple of years ago and loves it here, lot’s of people from all over the world, just the absolute best spot to people watch). He says he retired from about 7 years of working on the Google Maps project, flying all over the world,documenting his every move. He says he left with a gaggle of shares so from then on he could buy all the corn he ever wanted. I asked if I could take his picture, he said yes. He hadn’t seen a Galaxy S8 before and was really taken by it.

close up of a Canada goose

My friend Gandhi

  He asked where I lived and when I said St Catharines he gave me a goose-grin  asked my address.”I know that spot” he says, “As the crow flies that’s only about five miles away”.  I told him I was surprised he quoted distance in “crow flies”. He said at Google they always base their numbers on crows. He went on to explain that he is after all, a CANADA Goose, so he is naturally extra polite, and follows the “V”where ever it may go, where as crows just pick a destination, caw twice and fly. They don’t even shit before they go, and that’s something a goose always does.

He asked if I’d seen him fly by,  said he’s usually third from the back on the left (my right) side.

I asked him about being here in Canada during the winter instead of Florida or Texas and he said he just came back for Christmas, and he would home for a while. He mentioned that he always had lots of frequent flyer miles so travel was not a big deal.

And that’s my Goose story. Honest, no lie!

When we decided we were staying home this winter I promised myself that I would focus more on my photography hobby and be a big show-off by putting my pictures on my blog. I would also learn more about video.

Here’s what I saw at the Falls Monday:

My goose buddy Gandhi tells me his mother was a famous author. Perhaps you’ve read her. Her pen-name was Mother Goose.

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6 thoughts on “Man Meets Goose

  1. Would love to have seen the photo right after this one Larry. I’m thinking he had you right by the nose!…lol

  2. Actually I was more concerned with my thousand dollar phone then my nose. Besides, Buster used to bite my nose all the time.

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