Lucky Larry; He Loves His New Lego

As you know, I’ve been around this RV thing a bit longer than most.

20161127_084849-01Back when I was just a little wee RV newbie when we went camping, we didn’t have anything other than a stick or two and maybe a rock to get us level. I mean, way back before jacks (us old timers refer that time period as “BJ”, followed by “BS” and “BAL”.

Translation: before jacks, before stabilizers and finally before automatic levelling

Why, we used to get to our campsite, crack a beer, survey our weekend domain, then drive around forth and back, forth and back, until we got to “close as we’re gonna get”. Usually all we really did was wind up spilling the beer. BAL changed all that though, Then we would pull into our spot, crack a beer and touch a button. No more spilled beverages. No more sleeping with your head downhill.

Putt-Putt, as modern as it is, has no levelling devices. So for the first year I did the drive around, spill the beer thing, just like years ago. Made me feel like a kid again.


Since I got my Lego I’m a changed man: I’ve used it to level the coach, raise it up so I could crawl underneath and pretend to fix something and raise it up to have the propane tank filled.

 I really do love my lego!


So the next time you see me out camping, don’t forget to ask to see my lego. You can look, no problem, but nobody touches my Lego.

Look what we found while walking the beach at Sea Rim State Park


They are everywhere. The beach is covered with them in all different shapes and sizes. Just washed up on shore. In fact, sizes up to 5 feet long we are told. Not sure what it is? Think of British Petroleum, BP, and the oil spill. Imagine what’s happening under the water.


We’ve moved on to Galveston Island State Park

They got the same storm as we did up at Sabine Pass. They tell us from Friday night to Monday morning they got 12″ (30.48 cm for you metric folk) of rain, and the wind and the lightning we talked about here before. Fortunately for us, they knew we were coming, they pumped out a spot for us.


The path to tranquility gets through the storms.”

Glad to have you over.


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