The Lower Virgil Dam and Resevoir Trail

  dsc_1283-01It was a surprise to me that their even is a “Lower Virgil.”

We’ve lived here for close to a year and a half, all the while discovering new wineries, breweries, hidden secondary roads but most importantly of all, we continue to discover new hikes.

Wineries, micro brews and distilleries are all well and good, but neither one of us, especially Marilyn, need an invitation to places like that. Besides, we like to take the furry kids with us, and while they don’t do well in places that sell booze, they just love a new trail. Especially a new trail where they don’t have to wear their leashes, where the can go “au naturel” if you get me drift.

img_5082-01But back to the trail: The day starts with Mare searching google over breakfast, looking for a new and different path to explore. Google doesn’t seem to ever let us down and this morning she came up with a good one. It’s only one kilometer around a small man-made lake with a gravel trail that ends in a carefully picked vineyard. A field full of chardonnay, planted in 1998 says the tag.

How could you go wrong with that?

And from the other end of the trail, it’s only a another bit before you walk directly in the front door of a…….wait for it now…. a brew pub, called Silversmith.


But wait, we have the dogs!

And it’s only 10 o’clock in the morning. But, count on it, there will be a next time.


“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”  John Muir

I want to congratulate you. You do such a fine job of reading this blog. And you do a great job with the pictures too.


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