Loving our Winter Wonderland

snow covered park bench

Please be seated!


You may recall the last time we chatted I was really excited that we had some new fresh snow. Since then we’ve had even more of that fluffy white stuff and so we’ve spent a good chunk of every day out playing in the snow.

No, we haven’t built any snow men, not even a snow fort, but we have been out for a good long walk in the woods, in the snow, every day.

Why are we so excited with snow you ask? You need to remember we started our life together in Edmonton, Alberta. I’m sure you’ll agree that that’s the perfect spot to learn to enjoy outdoor winter activities. In fact, in northern Alberta you learn a lot about enjoying  long, long winters.

lady in pink coat hiking in snow

Look at that girl go! Marilyn and Angel are leading the way.




And for most of the last 10 years our winters have been all about travels to escape Canadian winters. This year it’s kind of a treat to drag out the toque and warm mittens.

Angel loves playing in the snow. She says it reminds her of sandy beaches.

The dirty, grimy  brown of late fall is now covered with a fresh clean  blanket of  white snow.

All that changes tomorrow though, as temperatures are to rise well above the freezing mark  and stay there for a few days. Later in the week we may well be faced with lots of ice on all the trails.

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together” Vesta M. Kelly






6 thoughts on “Loving our Winter Wonderland

  1. So glad that the three of you are enjoying the white stuff ( the cold white stuff just to clarify ). Any chance that you both and Angel could make some snow angels?

    Great photos

  2. Got the same snow as you, maybe more. Hate the stuff.lol Got us a new Ford Edge all wheel drive and tested it in a blizzard here the other day Here to Caladona , a drive of about 40 min, it took me 80 min to return home with all the white outs, but felt very safe driving it.
    We can give you some of our snow to build that snowman. Have fun, and Merry Christmas to you both and of coarse Angel.

  3. Hi Kenny. We have had no whiteouts at all here. Just some gentle snowfalls. You guys take care and have a safe and Merry Christmas. Chance too.

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