Lovin’ Our Mississippi Spring


The daytime highs are in the 70’s, the over night lows in the 60’s. The woods are full of Red Cardinals, Blue birds and thrushes and wrens. Every day there are new areas of green in the brown and pretty spring  flowers popping through the soil.
It’s spring in Mississippi!

And we are doing our best to suck it all up. Our whole days are wrapped around the question “what can we do outside?” We start with  long walks, followed by an extended leisurely coffee outdoors. Yesterday we cleaned our car, we tuned up our bikes and did a little maintenance on our coach.
Then long chats with the neighbors, followed by a long bike ride through the park before finding our way back to sit in the sun. After a big day like that of not doing much we decided to visit a local country restaurant specializing in catfish.

rockin' on the porch at Mr Whiskers

rocking on the porch at Mr Whiskers

This place is miles from nowhere and the size of a supermarket with a parking lot that will hold hundreds of cars. It gotta be good!
We start with fried pickles. We figure they’re good for us because they start out as a cucumbers. Next comes the Mr Whiskers specialty plate including grilled catfish, boiled shrimp, crab cakes, fries, fried eggplant and of coleslaw and of course, hush puppies.

Notice the word “fried” mentioned more than once? We’re in the south and down here fried means deep-fried. 

We pass on dessert and we pass again  on “a take home box”  to return to our patio, our comfy zero gravity chairs and a fire in our Lil’ Red.

We’re now less than three weeks from home base ( I hesitate to call  it home because we carry our home where ever we go but  “home base” seems to work for me) so we begin to reflect on some of the places we’ve been and things we’ve seen over the past 5 months. But that’s a topic for another visit

Life is just so damn tough!

You be safe, you hear!

“If people did not love one another, I really don’t see what use there would be in having any spring.” -Victor Hugo

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